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It cannot scan other wireless networks. In rare cases, it's possible that Wireless Network Watcher won't detect the correct wireless network adapter, and then you should go to 'Advanced Options' window F9 , and manually choose the correct network adapter. Versions History Version 2. Version 2. Version 1. When it's turned on, Wireless Network Watcher sorts the devices list on every scan, according to the last sorting you chose by clicking the column header. Wireless Network Watcher now stores the IP address and name of the detected devices inside the.

Be aware that due to this mechanism change, detected devices will appear only after their MAC address is found In previous versions, the device name was displayed even before the MAC address was found Version 1. Added option to execute a command when a device is disconnected On 'Advanced Options' window. Updated the internal MAC addresses database. When it's turned on, Wireless Network Watcher continues to display devices when they are not detected anymore, but their 'Active' value is changed from 'Yes' to 'No' and they also have a red X icon.

Sometimes this file is provided with leading space characters, I don't really know why When it's turned on, the odd and even rows are displayed in different color, to make it easier to read a single line. Fixed issue: Dialog-boxes opened in the wrong monitor, on multi-monitors system. Added 'Start As Hidden' option. When it's turn on, the user text of new device is automatically filled with the name of the device.

You can turn off this option if you don't want that Wireless Network Watcher will start scanning automatically when you run it. In the 'Advanced Options' window Version 1. When it's turned on, icon of Wireless Network Watcher is added to the system tray of Windows.

If it's turned on, Wireless Network Watcher displays a tray balloon when a new device is detected. When this option is turned on, Wireless Network Watcher make a continuous background scan to automatically discover new devices or computers that connected the network, without activating the scan again. The background scan is slower and less intensive then the regular scan, so it won't overload your computer.

Added 'Beep On New Device' option. When the background scan is turned on, you can use this option to get a 'beep' sound when a new device is detected.

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For Ethernet, click Advanced and navigate to the Ethernet tab. Method 6. This can be found by clicking the Apple menu. Select the connection from the Show menu. The Show pull-down menu will list all of the connected network devices. Select either your Ethernet or AirPort connection. Once you've' selected the connection in the Show menu, click on the applicable tab Ethernet or AirPort.

Method 7. Open the terminal. Depending on your system, this might be called Terminal, Xterm, Shell, Command Prompt, or something similar. It can usually be found in the Accessories folder in your Applications or the equivalent. Open the interface configuration. If you are denied access, enter sudo ifconfig -a and enter your password when prompted.

Find your MAC address. Scroll until you find your network connection the primary Ethernet port is labeled eth0. Look for the HWaddr entry. This is your MAC address. Method 8. Open your Settings. You can find the Settings app on your Home Screen.

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Windows Phone - How to find your MAC address

Tap the General category. Tap About. This will list information about your specific device. Scroll down until you see Wi-Fi Address. This is the MAC address for your iDevice. Find the Bluetooth MAC address. If you need the Bluetooth address, it is located directly beneath the Wi-Fi address entry. Method 9. When looking at the Home screen, push your Menu button and select Settings.

You can also open Settings by tapping the app in the App Drawer.


Scroll down to About Phone. This is typically located at the bottom of the Settings menu. In the About Phone menu, tap Status. This is your device's MAC address. Bluetooth must be turned on for your device in order to see the address. Method Open Settings. You can access settings by navigating to your Home screen and then swiping left. Scroll down until you see the Settings option. Find About. In the Settings, scroll down and tap About. In the About screen tap the More Info button.

Your MAC address will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Click on the Network icon. This is located in the lower-right corner of the desktop, and looks like 4 radiating bars. Open the Network Status. A message will appear listing your device's MAC address.

In the PlayStation's main menu system, scroll left until you reach the Settings menu. From the Edit network screen, under Proxy , tap None to bring up more options.

Figure : Bringing up proxy options. Figure : Selecting Manual setup. Figure : Proxy manual setup screen. Scroll down to Sign into proxy , move the slider to On , then type in your credentials.

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Figure : Signing in to proxy. Tap the Done icon to connect to the network. Select a location. Europe, Middle East, Africa. Asia Pacific and Oceania. Select a language. Confirm Back. Search all support. Search help. Loading Results. The Virtual Agent is currently unavailable. Please try again shortly. Need help troubleshooting?